911 GT3 ツーリングパッケージ



911 GT3 ツーリングパッケージが発表されました。



通常のGT3とこのGT3 TP、どちらかを購入するとなったら間違いなくGT3 TPを購入すると思います。

ちなみに、素の911カレラとスペックを比較してみると、出力が125PS、0-100km/h加速だと0.3秒、最高速度は27km/h、それぞれGT3 TPが上回っています。

911 GT3 with Touring Package911 Carrera
車両本体価格(消費税込)22,960,000 円14,290,000 円
0 - 100 km/h加速3.9秒4.2秒
最高速度320 km/h293 km/h
車幅1,852 mm1,852 mm
全長4,573 mm4,519 mm
ホイールベース2,457 mm2,450 mm


911 GT3 Touring Package

It's always cool to see the back of a Porsche!

Cited from: Porsche Japan

The 911 GT3 Touring Package has been announced.
The first thing that jumped out at me when I opened the Porsche Japan website was this image, and I knew that the rear view of the Porsche was cool.

There are many cars that look cool from the front, but the 911 seems to be one of the few cars that doesn't look out of place from any angle, not only from the front, but also from the side and the back.
I'm not a design student, so I can't speak highly of it, but as a consumer, I have to say that the 911 is one of the few cars that has a design that makes you think, "Why did they do that? But as a consumer, I have to say that there are many cars that have designs that make me think, "Why did they do that?

However, if there is a person who thinks a certain design is "cool" and designs it, there are also people in the world who have the same sensibility as that person.

The wingless design of the GT3 is something that I really like, as I am not a fan of flashy cars due to my age and personality.
If I had to choose between the regular GT3 and this GT3 TP, I would definitely buy the GT3 TP.
(I can't afford it, though.)
It's nice to see a car that doesn't look that extreme, but when it comes to driving, it delivers an unbelievably high level of performance.
It's like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

By the way, if you compare the specs with the original 911 Carrera, the GT3 TP has 125PS output, 0-100km/h acceleration in 0.3 seconds, and a top speed of 27km/h.
Surprisingly, however, the body size is almost the same for both.
The width of the car is the same for both the Carrera and the GT3.
This makes it possible to use it in daily life.

911 GT3 with Touring Package911 Carrera
Retail price (including consumption tax)22,960,000 yen14,290,000 yen
Output (hp)510PS385PS
0 - 100 km/h acceleration3.9 sec4.2 sec
Top speed320 km/h293 km/h
Overall height1,279mm1,298mm
Width1,852 mm1,852 mm
Overall length4,573 mm4,519 mm
Wheelbase2,457 mm2,450 mm

No matter how hard I try, this is a car that I can't get now, but if I don't give up on my dream of buying a Porsche, I may come across one somewhere.
I'll be looking forward to that time.

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